At The Glass WEB, South Africa’s prominent web-design house, we offer professional & innovative Website Design, Hosting and Tcard Design.  Websites are designed around the clients’ needs and are both user friendly AND attractive to local and international search engines.

The Glass WEB offers website-packages which include Website Design – Static Websites or Dynamic Websites [where the users can update the website themselves], Email Addresses and Hosting , OR… The Glass WEB may customize a package to suite you / your business.

Tcard was designed & developed by The Glass WEB, to help people and businesses connect in a dynamic way!
The Tcard is an online business card and may be distributed by any mobile / electronic device to any other mobile / electronic device with internet access via a Tcard link.  The Tcard web-link is based on the person’s name and is unique and also easy to remember and distribute, example – John Smith’s Tcard would be: www.johnsmith.tcard.mobi . Read more..