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The world’s ultimate online web card !

Tcard is a unique online web card.

Where and why was it developed?
Tcard was designed & developed by The Glass WEB, a South African Website DesignHouse ( to help people around the world connect in a dynamic way!

How is a Tcard distributed & what makes Tcard unique?
The Tcard may be distributed by any mobile / electronic device to any other mobile / electronic device with internet access via a Tcard link.  The Tcard web-link is based on the person’s name and is unique and also easy to remember and distribute, example – John Smith’s Tcard would be:  .

How does one view a Tcard?
A Tcard may be viewed on a mobile / electronic device that has internet access by clicking on the Tcard link that is distributed via SMS, Email, Chat Forums (e.g. Whatsapp, BBM, etc). One could even type in the Tcard link on their internet browser and the Tcard will appear!

How does one save the Tcard information?
The Tcard is developed with a “Save to contacts” button / tab and just by clicking “Save to contacts..”  on the Tcard, the mobile device will save ALL the relevant Tcard details into the mobile device displaying the Tcard !


  • Every Tcard has their own unique address and is not a long website extension or some strange codeTcard Example on a Mobile Phone
  • It is easy for a Business OR Person to remember their Tcard address since it is based on their EXACT Name
  • All the relevant Tcard information may be saved on the the mobile device by a click of a button!
  • Tcard may be distributed to any mobile device with internet access
  • There is NO limit to the number of times the Tcard may be distributed
  • The quality of the Business Branding on the Tcard is digital and will therefore never tarnish / fade
  • No paper is required – The Glass WEB supports the environment and “Go Green” campaign.
  • You can’t forget to carry a Tcard since it is always online!
  • Tcard is perfect when initiating business relations
  • Tcard may be sent nationally and internationally – no boundaries
  • Using Tcard – you will never run out of business cards!
  • The Tcard promotes social media like Websites, Facebook Pages, Twitter Pages, etc via Tabs / Buttons
  • Tcard is Unique to South Africa and Unique to the World and proudly South African.

Tcard, a product of The Glass WEB