Web Design

At The Glass WEB, South Africa’s prominent web-design house, we offer professional & innovative Website Design, Tcard Design and Hosting.  Websites are designed around the clients’ needs and are both user friendly AND attractive to local and international search engines [e.g. Google.com, Google.co.za, Yahoo, Ananzi, etc.].

OK, so you are planning on creating a website where you will be marketing products or services. One of the most important things that you would want to focus on, is you need to understand how to create a website that is search engine friendly, so that people can find your site on the internet. After all, if your website does not receive visitors / traffic, it means the website may not be serving its purpose.

  • A good website design is one that has a clean – simple design yet modern and is easy to navigate or use.
  • A good website in this day and age MUST be mobi adaptable – meaning that the website should be able to adapt itself to any viewing screen size whether a Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone and should be easy to view and navigate on these devices.

The Glass WEB specializes in Mobi Adapive Design which may incorporate in the innovate Tcard and unique Tcard QR Code. Depending on the package / website design set-up that the client opts for, the client may have control over their website and will be trained on how to update their website themselves [so no more update costs!].

The client may choose the option / package that best suits their need / business!